Poem Example

Here is a poem I wrote called “The Evening”

The evening is a trying time,

For with an intellect most keen,

You grab of what is left

From this most wondrous day

And follow your routine.

Oh, what a shame

That you should work

In artificial light!

The sunlight irreplaceable

Has vanished for the night.

Your head droops down.

Your once bright eyes,

Now tiresome and small,

See not the page

Of the book that you must read.

And the hand that grips the pen,

From the page it starts to fall.

What has become of all your spunk?

Declining productivity?

A weakened sensibility?

Yet still you are at work?

Will you stay up till three?

I think so not, so you will see:

Why don’t you give your mind a rest

From all its active work?

Perhaps you’d now like to engage

In activities more fun?

Your textbooks set aside,

You browse your favorite shelves.

Select your wondrous picture books

And movies most beloved.

Across all these your eyes will glide

And you will grin from ear to ear.


The evening is a joyful time.

’Tis not so much as looks the sky,

For even once the sunset fades,

Your attitude is on the job.

Your bad mood fades away.

You won’t give in to fear.

Apologies come easily.

A meek and thoughtful self you are.

When all things fade so fast,

You really wish to make something

That will most surely last.

So carry on, now, if you will

The creativity!

Review your stories and your notes

And bring them to perfection.

Evaluate your day

And pray before your God.

What have you accomplished?

Just tell me, if you may.

The evening and the morning join.

You find the one within the other.


This is someone else’s work.

Litwo! Ojczyzno moja! ty jesteś jak zdrowie.
Ile cię trzeba cenić, ten tylko się dowie,
Kto cię stracił. Dziś piękność twą w całej ozdobie
Widzę i opisuję, bo tęsknię po tobie…..



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