The Solisbell Island Adventure


The Solisbell Island Adventure is my first published book on Amazon. It is professionally illustrated by Judy Grupp, who adds a touch of whimsy to the characters.

Four schoolchildren — Kathy, Wess, Don, and Tyler — attend a summer camp on a tropical island to study its wildlife and do a presentation about it. But from the first day, mysterious accidents start haunting them. A trip to a lake renders their instructor immobile, who was presumably attacked by a large fish or reptile. Then the campers meet a young boy escapee who tells them how he was kidnapped and informs them about talking animals, such as the Alligator King and his pet snake, who plan to take over the island. Now the students must decide whether to continue their activities or to find the Alligator King before he endangers the lives of everyone at camp.

The inspiration for this book was a summer camp that I went to many years ago, including activities such as swimming, ballroom dancing, and arts and crafts. The book is for ages plus minus 7-10 — for elementary-school-aged children — and can be considered Scholastic because of the vast information of animals on the island.


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